Running Anniversary and Race Report :)

It was a big weekend in running for me! Thursday, January 15th was my two year running anniversary. I know that sounds rather cheesy, but I really feel like when I started running it was like the opening of a new chapter in my life. I had never been athletic and hadn’t found any form of physical activity or exercise that I enjoyed, but I fell in love with running. I love thinking of myself as a runner. I love the challenge that running gives me. I love that it’s hard and it hurts. I love that it gives me something to talk to other people about. I love that it connects me with a community of people. I love the opportunities it opens up to me. I love running. So happy two year running anniversary to me!

I ran the St. Pete Beach Classic 10k this Saturday. I had run the 5k last year and remember feeling like I wanted to die. I hadn’t been running consistently at the time and just signed up for the race on a whim. This year I signed up hoping that I’d use the race date as a motivator to resume my regular running schedule, but that didn’t happen. With the new work schedule, internship, crappy day light hours and life, my running has taken a back seat. It’s not something that I’m happy about, but at the moment I’m trying to find a new groove to make everything work. Point is, I haven’t been running and yet I did the 10k. I did it and felt wonderful.

It was freezing! A chilly 42 degrees for my whimpy Florida skin. I was worried that my lack of training/preparation was going to end in disaster, but I guess my base is still with me. I powered through the 6.2 miles with no problems, stayed strong and enjoyed the run. A funny thing is that I saw my Arch-Nemeis at the beginning of the race and one of my sister’s friends told me that I had to beat them. I told C that I didn’t think I was as fast as they were and C told me that I could trip them at the finish line if that’s what it came down to. C was joking, of course. Anyway, I did see Arch-Nemeis in the last leg of the race and they didn’t need my help, they were suffering on their own. I laughed a little inside, which probably makes me a bad person, I’m sorry.

This was actually my first race since Nike, which is sad. I need to get back on the horse. I’m definitely doing the Bay to Bay 12k. I want to do Gasparilla, either the 15k or the half. I just don’t know if I have time to prepare for the half.

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