I am still running. I actually just finished the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon. [Race recap on the other blog.] But I’ve abandoned this blog for now.

You can find me blogging at It’s less focused on running and more about my life in Washington and the adventures of being a graduate student in a small town in the Pacific Northwest.


Picnic Island Adventure Run and a PR

I plan on doing at least one of these this summer:

I think it’ll be a lot of fun and definitely a challenge.

I need to update, but I PRed at Iron Girl this weekend. I’ve never really focused on my finishing time in the past, but I got off to a good start and then became obsessed with finishing with a new PR. 🙂

Will run for ice cream.

I love daylight saving. It instantly eliminates lack of evening daylight as an excuse for not running. It’s perfect for me. I’ve been so lazy during the fall/winter months and I hate it. I actually ran three times this week, which should not be an accomplishment, but it sadly is. I would have run four times, but I hurt my ankle on Tuesday chasing after Charlie as he ran through the front door. Doh.

I need to figure out if I want to do the Country Music Half. It comes down to time, money and training restraints. Basically, do I want to have to get up early and run after probably a night on the town and the day of the concert? Also, do I want to pay the $100 registration fee? It’s kind of a steep fee, but it’s also the effin’ country music marathon! Lots of entertainment, fun music, sights to see… like Nike but with many more bands. That is my biggest reason for wanting to do it… the fact that I happen to be in Nashville the same weekend, it’s a sign! Then there’s the whole training bit. Yes, I did a half two weeks ago, but I was NOT ready for it. I have six weeks before the race, if I can get myself in order and do some actual long runs (not races), then that will be the biggest determiner.

In other news, today was the Bay to Bay 12k. It wasn’t my best race, but it was fun nonetheless. H, E and I were all ailing, which made the whole thing a bit of an ordeal. H developed some sort of weird blood blister on her foot and was in a great amount of pain as she ran. E hadn’t run any sort of long distance and also has ankle/knee issues, so that was slowing her down. Then this week I’ve had this tightness behind my left knee, that I can’t figure out. So it was bothering me, but I powered through it for the most part. My biggest issue was taking off to quickly at the start and running the first mile faster than I can maintain. Ooops.

The Bay to Bay still has the best food at the finish. This year on top of The Columbia’s black beans and rice, there was ICE CREAM! HECK YES! Seriously. Ice cream made the race. There was also different breads, pastries, bagels and juice, but ICE CREAM!

I found out that there will be a women’s half marathon in St. Pete on H’s 18th birthday. Pretty exciting. If I’m in the state of Florida I’ll be doing the that race and the River Run. Yep.

How I survived Gasparilla…

The gasparilla half certainly qualifies as an experience and a half. I didn’t train for it the way that I should have. In fact, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to run, let alone crawl the full 13.1 miles. Thankfully, I did. H and I did walk a little bit, but at the absolute most it was maybe a mile, probably more like a 1/2 mile.

The weather was horrible. It was very very windy as a cold front worked its way across the bay and the last six miles I ran in the rain. I figure it was all part of the adventure, but I’m not sure I’d go looking to run a race in the rain/wind again. Haha.

The race itself was eh. I thought the course was boring. It started in the dark, the streets didn’t really have street lights or anything, so that was weird. It also went in a circle and we ended up back at the beginning and then took a turn. I didn’t like having to pass the finish line at half way and know that I still had another 6 1/2 miles to run.

Exciting things: There was a guy running the full marathon who dribbled a basketball the entire time. Then there was another guy JUGGLING as he ran the whole marathon. Insane. Speaking of insane, H and I were getting bored and so H decided to sing the entire 99 bottles of beer on the wall song as we ran. Thankfully? or maybe unfortunately? It only took her about a mile and half to sing the whole thing.

During the out and back part on Bayshore I saw our TNT coaches. Actually, they saw us and called out my name. The surprise of someone cheering for me from the sidelines definitely gave me a needed boost of energy, especially since I had no idea how I was going to survive. Also, some nice stranger made little packets of pretzels and gummy bears and offered them to the runners. As we passed by, she offered pretzels and H and I passed them up, but she said gummy bears a second later and H made a U-Turn to go get herself some gummy bears.

Oh and I ran next to the marathon winner for .01 seconds. I was on mile 9 and he was on mile 20. Haha.

I crossed the finish line in a vertical position and actually ran into college friends and who had ran the race/supported their spouses. (ooh, so weird to say that!) I’m not sure I’d want to do Gasparilla again, the t-shirt was great, the expo was great, the race itself… eh. We’ll see though.

I ran a recovery run on Monday, thinking that it would help stretch out my muscles. Not so much. It definitely made things hurt so much more. I’ve been on a ibuprofen schedule for a couple days now.

Team in Training – how I’ve missed you!

I just got back from the TNT summer kickoff event and forgot how much I love Team in Training. Once my event was over and I had sent follow up letters I tried to reclaim my life a little. Get a little more sleep, be a little more social, work on getting my life going in the right direction… but I have missed having weekly training runs and people who are runners to talk to and tonight was a wake up call.

I LOVE volunteering! Who knew?! I have decided that I’m going to try and be an unoffical mentor for the summer runners. I won’t be going to the event and don’t need to worry about fundraising, but I get to support the runners at the training runs, give them fundraising advice and guidance and keep tabs on their progress. Yay! I’m excited.

H and I are going to run Gasparilla which also happens to be a TNT event and I think I’m going to help out at the Expo on Saturday and then after we finish the half, go over to the TNT water stop and cheer on the marathoners! Double yay!

In other news, I suck and did NOT go running this morning. Someone should stone be for being such a sucky runner. I DID go out the other day though and did some speed work!

Okay, that’s all.


An accidental 10 miler.

So I ran 10 miles today, on accident. It was a bad idea. Let me repeat, a BAD idea. My lower extremities are in exquisite pain and I reek of icy-hot. And yet, I’m strangely content.

Let me explain. This morning H told me that she was going to run 8 miles later on, if I wanted to join. While I wanted to do a longer run, I thought that 8 miles might be a bit extreme since my longest run recently was the 10k last weekend. She did promise she’d be going really slowly, but still I wasn’t certain. By the afternoon I had decided, “why the hell not?” and sent her a text saying I was game.

We set off on our run around 4:45 or so with E in tow on roller blades. We made it out to the St. Pete beach yacht club, which was nearly our turn around point and H realized that we were at the place where she does boot camp. We ran to the little park and she found a hair clip she had lost this past Wednesday. Now as part of the boot camp they do a mile warm up run to the park, then run a mile back to the meeting spot (at a gym on the beach). H and E swear that the warm up is more like a mile and a half or two. Well since I was there with my garmin, we decided to run to the gym to see just how far the warm up is. As we were running the additional two miles (because it is in fact a one mile warm up) we didn’t intend on running, we ran past both the husband and the wife who helped us in our TNT endeavors, which was pretty neat.

After our minor detour, we ran back home, dreaming of food and sweets. It was torture smelling all the delicious dinners that people were making and being starved. It was also getting fairly cold for my liking and dark. I’m really not a fan of running in the dark unless I’m running in the company of a strong man to protect me. But I have to say that our route is probably one of the safest routes for us to be running in the dark.

Anyway, the aftermath of our run is that my knees hate me. I severely hope that I didn’t do any lasting damage, but I can’t walk up and down the stairs at the moment. I had to have H drive me to target tonight, since the knee that is in the most pain happens to be my driving leg. Great.

While I am in pain, it’s somewhat enjoyable. I like knowing that I worked my body and that I earned the right to eat all the sinful chocolate that I crave. The run would just not be as rewarding if I WASN’T in pain. Also, not advisable, I’m happy to know that I can pull 10 miles out of my ass, if need be. Hah. I guess I will end up doing the Gasparilla half after all.

I was going to run tomorrow, but perhaps I’ll have to walk it out, instead.

Running Anniversary and Race Report :)

It was a big weekend in running for me! Thursday, January 15th was my two year running anniversary. I know that sounds rather cheesy, but I really feel like when I started running it was like the opening of a new chapter in my life. I had never been athletic and hadn’t found any form of physical activity or exercise that I enjoyed, but I fell in love with running. I love thinking of myself as a runner. I love the challenge that running gives me. I love that it’s hard and it hurts. I love that it gives me something to talk to other people about. I love that it connects me with a community of people. I love the opportunities it opens up to me. I love running. So happy two year running anniversary to me!

I ran the St. Pete Beach Classic 10k this Saturday. I had run the 5k last year and remember feeling like I wanted to die. I hadn’t been running consistently at the time and just signed up for the race on a whim. This year I signed up hoping that I’d use the race date as a motivator to resume my regular running schedule, but that didn’t happen. With the new work schedule, internship, crappy day light hours and life, my running has taken a back seat. It’s not something that I’m happy about, but at the moment I’m trying to find a new groove to make everything work. Point is, I haven’t been running and yet I did the 10k. I did it and felt wonderful.

It was freezing! A chilly 42 degrees for my whimpy Florida skin. I was worried that my lack of training/preparation was going to end in disaster, but I guess my base is still with me. I powered through the 6.2 miles with no problems, stayed strong and enjoyed the run. A funny thing is that I saw my Arch-Nemeis at the beginning of the race and one of my sister’s friends told me that I had to beat them. I told C that I didn’t think I was as fast as they were and C told me that I could trip them at the finish line if that’s what it came down to. C was joking, of course. Anyway, I did see Arch-Nemeis in the last leg of the race and they didn’t need my help, they were suffering on their own. I laughed a little inside, which probably makes me a bad person, I’m sorry.

This was actually my first race since Nike, which is sad. I need to get back on the horse. I’m definitely doing the Bay to Bay 12k. I want to do Gasparilla, either the 15k or the half. I just don’t know if I have time to prepare for the half.